one thing that really came across was your knowledge of the practicalities of the maternity units and facilties available
The course was excellent and you were superb! We both tapped into the info we learnt at your course which helped labour etc very much.
The information in sessions was pitched at the right level and presented in a relaxed but professional way; the practical demonstrations were really useful and the lists were great to take away – it certainly made me add a few things to my bag! One thing that really came across was your knowledge of the practicalities of the maternity units and facilties available and this is a bit of a USP.
I will be recommending The Baby Journey to anyone who is pregnant from now on
The whole course was frank & informative – to the extent that my other half (who had complained he thought it would all be about breathing and aromatherapy) was quickly converted because he believed in you. Equally for me it was the fact that I trusted you for the knowledge you had as midwives and mothers that made the course for me. I got something out of every week.
Just wanted to say a big thank you for running such a fab course – we have learnt loads and have had fun doing it!!  You have clearly put a great deal of thought into how you run the sessions and present the information and it works brilliantly.