Refresher Antenatal Classes


The Baby Journey refresher antenatal classes are held in Cheltenham.

Have you had a baby before and looking for a little recap?

Are you feeling pretty cool about the whole being a parent thing (as much as any of us) but wondering if you can actually remember what on earth to do with a newborn, or how to prepare for birth again?

Would you quite like the chance to meet some other people who are also doing this all over again?

Then come and join us for our refresher antenatal classes!

These are held at The Baby Journey HQ in Fairview, Cheltenham, over two consecutive week day nights and you can find dates to suit you on our booking page.

The sessions start at 7.30pm and finish at 9pm (giving you time to get the babysitter all set up).

Our refresher antenatal classes are run by our lovely team of midwives, and include parking, notes & refreshments.

We suggest that you start the course after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

The Baby Journey’s two week course of antenatal classes costs £125 per couple.

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