We’re back, with resolutions!

Hello hello hello little snow bunnies, and apologies for such a long time since our last blog.


It has been a busy period here at The Baby Journey HQ and we just don’t seem to have had chance to blog very much. It is one of our New Year’s Resolutions to do it more often again, we are aiming for every fortnight – so watch this space!


Christmas and New Year whizzed by in a flash and January seems to be speeding by too this year. Despite normally having made a few resolutions I haven’t this year, and I’ve been thinking about it the last few days and wondering what they should be. As with lots of mums out there I often have a constant mental to do list (as well as a physical written to do list, a list on my phone and notes stuck to the fridge!) to try and keep all the plates spinning.


Over the last few days the snow has stopped me in my tracks. It has cancelled my plans for the weekend, and stripped a hectic weekend down to a quiet family one – enforced staying at home, snuggled up, or out playing. My to do lists have been paused and instead of thinking constantly of what I have to do next I have just enjoyed. I’ve sat and watched tv in the nook of my husband’s arm. I’ve giggled with my little man at his first sledging outing. I’ve baked. I’ve chatted to my sister. I have even read a magazine, a current one at that!


It has been lovely and it has given me a resolution too…. to enjoy the here and now, to stop and relish the moment, to feel the pleasure of now and not focus on the next task too much.


I also want to do a skydive, get abs like Jess Ennis and drive a porsche, but that’s another blog!


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