The Mummy Midwives & Economummy

Some would say that being a mother is the hardest job in the world and I have a tendency to agree.  However, I’ve found being a Mummy and running a business even harder.  You’re in charge of keeping so many plates spinning that every now and again, one accidentally drops and smashes.  I believe that when babies are created, Mother Nature does something quite unusual and delivers you a lifetime’s supply of guilt.  I’m constantly feeling guilty about everything I do… anyone else out there feel like this?  Naturally, I want my business to be a wonderful success and for women all across the land to feel empowered and informed about their babies and childbirth… but I also want my children to feel that I’m always there for them.  After all, I am doing this for them – to be able to give them nice holidays, treat them to meals out, support them through their education – according to the man on the news it costs £218,000 to raise a child to the ageof 21.  But I do wonder how I achieve the balance of working to achieve success and being a good mummy. I think the key word there is ‘good’.  I mean, no-one tells you that you are a good mother.  Maybe they should, maybe someone from a big important office in London needs to come to my house (preferably with warning so that I can hoover and buy nice biscuits) and assess my mothering skills.  Maybe then if I had it written on an official document, ‘You are  a good mother’  I would stop with the whole guilt thing.  My husband tells me that children are a product of their environment and ours are happy, smily, loving kiddies… so maybe I am getting it right!

Meeting the other lovely mums in business that make up ‘Economummy’ has really helped.  For those of you who are wondering, ‘What the heck is Economummy?’ Well, it’s a fabulous group of mums who all have their own small businesses based in Cheltenham.  It’s run by a very lovely lady called Hayley and it’s entirely her idea.  We got involved with Economummy about 3 months ago and have found the support really endearing.  Meeting other mums who appear to be spinning as many, if not more, plates as me makes me feel better somehow.  It’s inspiring to learn about what made them come up with their business models, how they over come the challenge of working from home with the children or advertising their businesses on a really small budget.  This results in some very creative and clever ideas.  Working with Economummy gives us the opportunity to put ourselves and our business out there for the general public to see by utilising the Economummy ‘Mums on the High Street’ events.  They involve all these small business taking over an empty unit in a shopping arcade and showing the public what we have to offer.  The range is amazing, from  jewellery  to eco friendly toys, from buggy cleaning to baby slings, from books to natural products… everyone unique and run by a mum.  So if they can all do it, then so can we.

I think that all mothers experience an element of guilt for all sorts of reasons.  Like I said, Mother Nature just gives it to you (like periods and spots) and all ‘good’ mothers do the best that they can with what they have.  So if you’re reading this and thinking ahead to returning to work after your baby arrives, or you’re spinning lots of plates, then just remember that there are lots of mums out there across the nation achieving great things – so you can too!


You can find out more about Economummy and The Baby Journey at plus all the other amazing businessesthat are involved.