The Mummy Midwives at Neals Yard

So, another very busy week for The Baby Journey dynamic duo! But we don’t mind as we are busy doing exactly what we love!

On Thursday evening we hosted a wonderful event all about pregnancy, early labour, massage, reflexology and mingling. The evening was held at the beautiful Neals Yard Remedies shop in Montpellier and started at 7pm. The Baby Journey team were joined by the Lovely Sarah, who not only owns the shop but is also the resident Acupuncturist.  Offering taster sessions of Reflexology in one of the calming treatment rooms was Reflexologist Genevive.

The evening started with lots of chatter (it’s what pregnant women do best) light nibbles and drinks. It was quite a warm muggy evening and the cold sparkling elderflower press was really popular, after a while we ran out – oooops!

After half an hour or so we got going and everybody divided into 2 groups, with one group starting off with me (Jules) & Sarah and the other group starting with Hannah. When we were planning the evening we gave the content a lot of thought – asking ourselves, What to women really want to know? Are they really interested in the anatomy of the uterus or do they just want to know how many sanitary pads to pack? Do they want to know what happens to blood flow in the body during a contraction or do they just want to know how to cope with it when labour starts! So, we resorted to asking our friends (& our Facebook followers) what they wanted to know, and we also looked back at some questionnaires that we conducted when we started The Baby Journey. It would seem that practical, informative and useful information is what pregnant ladies want. So we went and complied our essentials list of what to pack and our top tips for how to cope with early labour.

We demonstrated how to calmly bounce about on a birthing ball, apply a TENS machine and why dark towels are essential for childbirth (if you’ve ever done it you’ll know why!) We answered questions about reusable nappies, what creams to apply to bumps and why Jelly babies are probably the most important thing that you should pack. Hopefully all the ladies that came went away with a better understanding of what to pack and how to cope. There was of course a little bit of shopping at the end of the evening, everyone was entitled to 10% of Neals Yards products, Bonus! Sarah was on hand to let people know about the completely safe and natural Neals Yard products that are available for mums to be and new babies. We particularly love the lavender oil and the seaweed and arnica bath soak, with is perfect for easing those tired pregnancy muscles and soaking in after all the hard work of Childbirth. Its a hospital bag must!

The evening was totally free and was a great chance to enjoy an indulgent event all about pregnancy – we really hope that the everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. If you are reading this and you would be interested in attending our next free event then please do just email us or sign up for our free email newsletter on our website.

If you are interested in purchasing some lovely treats for your hospital bag then pop in and see the girls in the Neals Yard Shop in Montpellier, they can give you some great advice.

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Jules & Hannah  xx