The London 2012 Olympic Ceremony!

When thinking about what to blog about this week, there was only one option really, the Olympic ceremony of course!

I watched, along with the 4 billion people worldwide, the opening ceremony from the comfort of the sofa at my Mother-in-laws house. With the children in bed, I settled down with a large glass of wine in one hand and a large bowl of kettle chips in the other to enjoy our country at its greatest, and boy was it great! I was totally blown away by the concept, variety and energy from the ceremony. I thought it was absolutely fantastic, the best ceremony I have ever seen.

I was joined on the sofa by my husbands’ lovely 90 year old Grandmother. I love to chat with her as not only is she our only living grandparent for us both but she is a real inspiration to me. Having raised 4 children, she now lives independently in her (impeccably clean) family home in Wales and is always off galavanting round the country with all her friends, staying in hotels and visiting tourist attractions. She is also a very talented knitter and could easily get a job in the shreddies factory! What inspires me most is her positivity and enthusiasm for all things new, I am sure my explanation of social networks and blogging baffled her but she smiled throughout and said it all sounded wonderful!

She started to tell me all about the Olympic games of 1948 which she went to in London. As an energetic 26 year old she remembers them well, she recalls that there was hardly any cars on the road and not really any hint of security! World War 2 was over but many countries were still ravaged from war and there was still a shortage on food. As a result all athletes were asked to bring their own food, any surplus was donated to the local hospitals. No actual Olympic village was erected but instead the athletes stayed at a nearby army base in Uxbridge. In total, 59 Countries were represented in the 1948 games, for obvious reasons Germany & Japan were not invited to participate.

So, how well will you remember the opening ceremony of the London 2012 when you are 90? Or even in 4 years times when they are in Brazil? Your children are bound to ask you at some point in your life as at present, they are probably to small to remember, so here are some facts that you will hopefully recall, just like Great Granny did!

The opening ceremony was dieted by Danny Boyle, his works include Slumdog millionaire & the 1996 hit trainspotting (was it really that long ago?)
The opening scene was called “Isles of Wonder” and was taken from scene 2 of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
The were 4 national flowers represented, the Rose for England, Thistle for Scotland, Daffodil for Wales & Flax for Northern Ireland.
The section representing the G.O.S.H & NHS actually had real NHS staff in it (why weren’t we asked??) & the beds that were used are now being donated to an orphanage in Tunisia.
There were over 20,000 volunteer cast members, 23,000 costumes which included 24,570 buttons!. I wonder if all their mums had to help make the costumes at home!
In total there are 4,000 medals to be won at this years games and a whopping 205 counties are taking part.

I hope that you all enjoyed watching the ceremony as much as I did and I hope that some of those facts remain in your brain to be recalled when some annoying grandchild-in-law starts asking questions in 50 years time! Or maybe your child will even grow up to become an Olympian!

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Have a great week!