Mummy Midwife and the Olympic Torch

So, the sun is shining, finally, and today I have realised that that makes everything better! Everyone out and about seems happy and smiling, Kids running around in the park, babies with sun hats on and a lot ice creams on the go. Cheltenham town centre has gone into Olympic overdrive. There are flags, bunting and union jacks all over the place. It’s quite heart warming really. The town is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Olympic torch on Wednesday, it is coming up from down south. Following a series of questions from my 4 year old regarding the torch and where it has come from including ‘why do they carry it because its not dark is it mummy?!’ I managed to bluff my way through the interrogation and it got me thinking…. This is actually a once in a life time event for me. It is highly unlikely that I will ever see the Olympic torch come to the UK again, my children might, but I won’t. I feel a bit sentimental about that, it has made me realise that a big part of parenting is educating and showing your children the world around you. Hoping that they will turn out to be balanced and happy adults.

So I am fully prepared for Wednesday, we have Union Jack dresses (for the four year old) Union Jack bib (for the baby!) Union Jack flag (for me) and most importantly the camera. So that I can capture the moment that the Olympic torch came to town and we all went to see it. I hope that when my little people are bigger that they will be able to look back with fond memories.

Thinking about Fun…. The Baby Journey are really proud to let you all know about our New Baby Workshops. They are held on the last Friday of every month at The Queens Hotel from 10:30 til 13:00. The next one is 29th June so if you have a baby under 6 months (or you know someone who does) then come and join us for what will be a fun few hours. We are including baby massage, first aid, fitness, yummy cake, tea/coffee and of course The Baby Journey magic duo!

Why not get in touch to find out more…… Have fun!