The joys of vomit & champagne buckets

Hello again beautiful people, and welcome to the September guest blog, written by Carolann and looking at the joys of morning sickness, or as we like to call it – all day sickness. Enjoy!


“There is nothing quite like seeing that little blue line, who knew peeing on a stick could be so exciting! You have done it, you have made a baby! This is how I felt for about the first seven weeks of my pregnancy. I felt amazing, bigger boobs, no sickness, still had my figure it was all good! In fact it was so good I thought I would have at least ten children if being pregnant was this easy! I had heard about ‘morning sickness’ and to be honest I was feeling quite smug that I had no symptoms. However, that smugness was not to last.


It started with a pain in my right side it was so bad I was seen at Cheltenham hospital. They explained that it was probably nothing but to reassure us they would arrange an early scan. Then followed an agonising twenty four hours, as I thought I was losing the baby, we saw it! A tiny pulsating black dot! Apparently that was the baby and the baby was all good! I have to confess that neither me nor my husband could ‘see’ the baby but we were trusting the scan lady, she knew what she was doing. The pain disappeared and we went home.


I woke up the next day throwing up in my sleep. Now I should point out that I am a primary school teacher, I can cope with snot, blood, wee even poo but sick is a big no no. So to wake up being sick was an experience I was not keen to repeat! My ever helpful husband said that this was good! ‘A sign of a healthy pregnancy’, where he got his information from I don’t know but it was reassuring none the less. I had started reading all those pregnancy websites so I knew what I needed to do, EAT! That will stop the sickness and make me feel better. I couldn’t stop being sick to eat, I couldn’t stop being sick to move. I couldn’t stop being sick.


After two days of being sick all day and all night I decided that maybe a trip to the Gp might be in order. They were nice enough but to them I was just a neurotic pregnant lady with ‘a bit of morning sickness’ ‘try ginger’, ‘try travel sickness bands’, ‘have you tried acupuncture’. ‘It’s very rare for the sickness to pass twelve weeks, you’ll be fine after that…’ Twelve weeks came and went by week fourteen I was losing the will to carry on. The sickness was relentless and it wasn’t just ‘morning’ it was all blooming day! Another trip to the Gp and this time I wasn’t there very long, she took one look at me and picked up the phone I was being admitted to Gloucester Royal hospital. They explained that they were worried about dehydration, the baby would be fine but perhaps best to get me fighting fit. That was when I first heard the words ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’. I wept for two reasons really. One I thought I was going mad. I had never known anyone to have morning sickness like this or heard of anyone having morning sickness like this. It wasn’t just the sickness either, it was the exhaustion that goes with being sick ALL THE TIME. I was miserable I couldn’t go to work and I couldn’t see anyone as I didn’t want to be sick in front of them. I had lost weight and quite frankly looked like death. This was not the glowing pregnancy I had read about! Secondly, friends and family thought I was being a little melodramatic, surely it was just a bit of vomit! If I couldn’t cope with this how on earth was I going to give birth or cope with a child! To be able to label what was wrong was the best thing the doctors could do for me. For me it was enough to know I wasn’t mad!


Lots of lovely IV fluids and drugs were pumped into my body, another scan and this time the black pulsating dot had turned into an actual baby! Much better to look at! Then the nurse brought me a sandwich and I can honestly say it was the best sandwich I have ever eaten! And it stayed down! Surely this was the answer? I would just eat hospital tuna sandwiches for the next six months? Discharged and home with my lovely husband, who had bought waitrose out of tuna and bread I felt empowered to carry on. I could do this! I was going to be fine! Hang on I still felt sick…


I was sick. Up to week thirty two to be precise. Looking back I don’t know how I did it. I had to finish work early. I talked to the dog a lot! I got very good at brushing my teeth quickly so as not to throw up and ruin my hard work. I took a champagne bucket everywhere. If you are going to be sick you might as well do it in style! Friends and family got used to me throwing up mid conversation and my husband was amazing! Yes it was depressing and at times I genuinely thought it would be easier to not be pregnant than to carry on but it did end and wow the prize at the end was AMAZING!”


Thanks Carolann, we are always impressed by how resourceful ladies are in the face of adversity – a champagne bucket is the new must-have accessory for pregnant ladies everywhere!


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