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Hello lovely people! How was Easter then? Are there any eggs left in your house? There are some in mine but only because I brought some half price today (naughty naughty!)

This weeks blog is all about buggies/prams/strollers/travel systems – what ever you want to call them! This week some of you may well have taken part in a little poll on our Facebook page, asking people to anonymously vote and tell us how much they spent on their buggy. As we had anticipated, the most votes cast were in the £500 – £1000 bracket – What??? I can almost hear the non parent people saying? Seriously my first car cost £350 – So how much do we spend on this bit of kit?

According Mintel research, the average spend on a pram per couple in the Uk is £195 & in 2010 the UK spent a whopping £225 million on prams and buggies. The pram accounts for 40% of all new parents overall spend on their impending new arrival. There is also an emerging trend for grandparents to be splashing the cash on buying these high end buggies – around 43% of prams in the UK are brought by grandparents or other family members.

So why do we spend so much money – what’s it all about? Well, here at The Baby Journey we believe that considering your pram purchase is really important. Think about how you will use it most? Are you planning on walking everywhere? Or will you be loading it into your car everyday? Do you want to able to jog or run with it? How heavy is it? If you have a caesarian you will need to be very careful in the first few months lifting any thing to heavy. How do you want your baby to be positioned? Are front or rear facing options a possibility?. It’s also good for newborns to be able to lie down flat and sleep in the first few weeks, so maybe a carry cot would be useful. Can you clip the car seat onto the frame of the buggy for those quick dashes round the shop and avoid disturbing a sleeping baby! Is it easy to push? If Daddy is tall and mummy is a bit shorter (or vertically challenged in my case) then can you adjust the handles to improve your posture? Are the covers easily removable and washable for those patchy stains of sick (& later yoghurt) There is lots to consider and with everyone having different sets of requirements and different budgets, there is certainly a pram out there for everyone. But just remember one thing – this bit of kit with be used daily, pushed round town, through shop doorways, tackling lifts, steps & public transport. Your baby needs to be comfortable and you need to find it easy to push, lift, collapse and manoeuvre. Day in Day out for a few years is along time, and it’s an expense purchase to change!

For most parents who might have to tighten their purse strings in this economic climate, there are a growing number of people buying and selling pre loved prams. With websites like ebay (who doesn’t love a bit of ebay!) & Gumtree, you are sure to find a bargain to suit all bank accounts. A family member of mine has recently brought a bugaboo donkey for £600 on ebay and its in immaculate condition, being only 9 months old. It came with all the extras and would have retailed at a staggering £1400!

All these high end buggies have sadly attracted the attention of some nasty people though – there has been a 32% increase in the number of reported thefts of prams in the UK since 2009. This has cost the insurance market over £70 million – best to purchase a lockable clip if you leave your pram outside at any point. It’s always best to consider adding your buggy on to your house insurance as an individual item (if it qualifies) Also speak with your car insurance provider and establish the cover that you have if your car is stolen with car seats and prams in tow….

All in all – this countries parents must LOVE their buggies to be spending all that money! But what’s not to love about the first highly anticipated outing in the sunshinev with your new baby, proudly pushing a gleaming new pram for all the world to see your happy faces!

Get in touch with us here at The Baby Journey and let us know your thoughts on buying a buggy. If you are expecting a baby and would like to join us on one of our fun filled practical courses then just make a booking through our website.

Have a great week!