Mummy midwife & the power of friends

Hello there lovely followers of The Baby Journey, you will already know that Jules has been away for the last couple of weeks on a well-deserved holiday to tropical shores.

What you might not know is how much I’ve missed her, and how lovely it is to have her back. I’ll tell you a little secret, and not everyone will admit this, but probably most of us feel it sometimes – it can be a bit lonely being a mummy. While you love your little one like you have never loved anyone or anything, being a mum means you need your friends more than ever. Sometimes you wonder if you’re doing a good job, or if you’re doing the right thing. Is your little person reaching the milestones they should reach? Are you feeding them right? Should you be doing some kind of activity with them? Maybe there’s another way to approach something, or an idea to solve a problem that you haven’t come up with – and bingo your pals are there with ideas, solutions, top tips and reassurance. What’s that expression? Two heads are better than one, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Having friends who are mums is brilliant – because you can swap tips, moan about the trials and tribulations, share in the joys and magic, they know what it is you are going through because they are going through it too. They are pleased to help you out, suggest things that have worked for them (or things to avoid that didn’t work!). They totally understand why you are half an hour late, with sick down your right shoulder and looking frazzled with dirty hair and your top on inside out. They’ve got you a coffee and are ready with a hug and a sympathetic smile. You chat to them, you look at your little ones together and everything calms down, you can see that you’re doing okay, in fact you are doing great!

But often all you need is a big friend hug, a giggle about everything, and maybe even a date in the diary for drinks and outfits that don’t have baby dribble on them.

So I’m off to get the diary out and ring the girls……. x x

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