Mummy midwife & the miracle of new babies!

Something amazing has happened this week. One of the people I love most in the world has had her first baby.


I am an auntie again to an absolutely beautiful little girl who has a mop of dark hair like her mummy and a little button nose and big deep eyes that drink in the world. She has captivated everyone around her and is a total time waster as you stare at her little features and every tiny movement and marvel.


Although I am already a mum myself, and have been a midwife for a decade (ooh that makes me feel old) sharing in the magic of my little sister’s journey into motherhood is wonderful. Firstly I am so very proud of her that I could burst, as a big sister, and a woman and a midwife – she was totally amazing in labour and is one cool little customer when it comes to the trials and tribulations of new mummy hood. It is really lovely to be able to help her if she needs it too – to answer the questions that worry her, to recommend tips on how to solve problems (engorged breasts, encouraging a sleepy baby to feed, whether to worry about the funny noises she makes, how many layers for little one to wear in bed – all the new mummy niggles). To share and relive all those exhilarating moments of wonderment at your tiny new baby’s life and those all-consuming worries about them too.


I could not be prouder of my baby sister (yes she’s not far off 30, but she’ll always be my baby sister!) and what an amazing mummy she already is.


For everyone there will be a sister, a friend, a partner, a parent (probably all of them!) who feels the same about you and your beautiful little bundle. So proud and overjoyed for you that they can hardly contain it (if they’re anything like me they’re boring colleagues with baby photos). For all those moments when you are tired or unsure, feeling lonely or worried, take a step back for a moment and see yourself through their eyes – you and your baby are a miracle, and you are doing brilliantly. And there are always people around to love you and help you, who never stop cheering for you from the sidelines. The Baby Journey is always cheering for you too! Because you are epic!