Good Birth Stories

So this week, here at The Baby Journey HQ, we have got to thinking about birth.

Not that unusual really, seeing as it’s rather integral to what we do here. But, more specifically our feelings as birth approaches.

There is a very special lady to us you see, who is going to be giving birth soon, and we happen to know that she’s been feeling a little teensy bit apprehensive about it. It’s her second time around, and we hope that she doesn’t mind us telling you that she didn’t have an easy time last time. She is very pleased and excited to be having another baby, and she is a truly wonderful Mummy, but she has been worrying about it. And she’s not alone.

This week there’s been some media coverage about promoting positive birth stories, and putting pregnant women who are feeling anxious about their birth experience in touch with women who have experienced a positive birth. It seems pretty obvious when you think about it, and yet it is very much needed. Not so many generations ago we would have each had a deep network of strong female role models (mums, grannies, sisters, aunties) down the road to encourage and reassure, pick us up and dust us off when we got a bit worried about what we were in for. Now a lot of us live a few hours away, rather than doors away, and are more socially isolated.

And let’s all be honest, a lot of what you seem to hear from other women about childbirth is well, eeerm – frightening?! There are a lot of horror stories out there, and there’s always some people who relish in seeing you turn green as they embellish the gory details to the best of their ability. The Baby Journey hate that. (I still recall a total stranger at a baby group asking what it was like to be a midwife having a baby – and when I said that I had found the whole experience positive, despite a few tricky bumps along the way, she told me that “I hate women like you”. Hmmmm, how charming Mrs Glass Always Empty.)

The Baby Journey team know that things don’t always go as you had hoped or imagined, and that sometimes it is difficult – physically and emotionally. But we also know that you CAN DO IT (and will)! Women are remarkable – strong, brave, powerful, determined and always putting their babies first, and no matter the birth experience they have – from a water birth to an induction, a forceps delivery to an elective caesarean, there will always be challenges and enormous triumphs.

Mothers and babies come in all different shapes and sizes, and we all do pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood in our own unique ways – yet nobody is wrong or right, just right for them and their little one. What we need to try hard to do is totally ignore all those negative stories that we hear, and try not to tell them ourselves either.  We should listen to those women who love us and believe in us and stand by our sides when we are frightened – our best friends, our mums, our midwives – because they know, really truly know, that giving birth to your baby (however that may be) is something that you can do, and will do. And although it might be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, it will also be the one that makes you proudest of yourself, and brings more joy into your life than you thought possible.

I am happy to say that I can end this week’s blog with the fact that our gorgeous friend is feeling loads better now. She’s had some time with her nearest and dearest who have all reassured and encouraged her, and she’s met with some fabulous midwives and looked at the lovely birth unit – all of which has flipped her apprehension into excitement. Because now she has been reminded that she is a remarkable woman who is capable of incredible things – and that no matter how, or when, or where she has her little one – so long as she feels positive about the experience and they are both safe then she has achieved her very own miracle.

And maybe when we share our birth stories with each other we should remember that we all have our own little miracles to be proud of, and to inspire and encourage one another with.

Would you like to share your experiences? Tell us about how you felt about your little one’s arrival, or what you’re feeling as you approach childbirth.

We would love to hear from you.

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