Daddy Magic & the Mummy Midwife

Hi there The Baby Journey blog fans. Firstly sorry that we are a little late this week, but events over the last few days have thrown us here at The Baby Journey HQ a bit.


My darling wonderful Dad was rushed into hospital in a slightly dramatic fashion with a very serious health scare, and I spent the weekend worrying about him, pacing hospital corridors and asking doctors lots of questions about tests and his health.


I’m delighted to say that he is back at home again now and back to his cheeky, charming and clever self – telling everybody that it was all a big fuss about nothing and what a load of dramatic women he has around him (he’s a bit outnumbered in our family!).


It has got me thinking about how amazing he is, and how much I love him and what a brilliant Daddy he has always been. As a little girl I remember that he knew the answer to absolutely any question I could come up with (I think there were rather a few), and this is even more impressive when you think that Google hadn’t been invented! He always had just the right balance of cuddles and fun and praise, but you were never naughty because otherwise you would get the scary Daddy look…. or even worse he might say that he was “very disappointed in you”. On one hand he made me believe in myself and my own abilities, but I also knew that by his side I was safe and loved and protected. I am very proud to say that my husband is showing similar Daddy characteristics.


I credit my wonderful parents to this day for making me see that inside me is the potential to do anything I put my mind to (as there is in all of us), and that magical seed that was planted in me as a child is part of what brought The Baby Journey to life.


My little boy already has some similarities to his Poppa – the charm and cheeky smile, the same twinkle in the eye, I hope that he has many more that I have yet to see, and that he has the chance to show all those growing traits to his Granny & Poppa. I hope that I can be as good a parent to him as my Mum & Dad have always been to me, and I hope that there’s no more hospital dashes like there were over the weekend.


So….. this week why not tell your parents how much you love them, and how great they are – since becoming a parent myself it’s made me appreciate them even more, but ironically left me with less time to tell them that! Also give the people you love a massive hug and don’t fret about whether you’ve hoovered or done this or done that…. throw your to do list out the window and spend some time with those who are most important to you and show them how much you care…. don’t wait til you’re pacing hospital corridors to do it.


Have a fab week and enjoy the sunshine, we’ll be back on Monday!


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