It’s BATH time…

Bathing your new baby for the first time can seem a bit daunting, but fear not we are here to help

Here are our top tips to bathing your new baby:

* You can begin by using a baby bath, or bath seat in your normal bath, or even the sink in the bathroom. Whatever is the easiest for you. Think about your posture and look after your back…especially when you are recovering from a c-section or perineal stitches.

* Run a shallow bath, just a few inches of water needed. Make sure the temperature is between 37-38 degrees centigrade, you can use a simple bath thermometer to check, we like the cheeky duck from amazon

* It’s best to just use water to wash them at the beginning, they have very sensitive skin. If you then choose to start using products to wash baby (or make bubbles) then go as natural as possible. We like Burts Bees, Neals Yard, Little me organics and Childs farm. You can get these in lots of supermarkets and local shops.

* Make sure the room is lovely and warm, keeping windows shut and heating on if its cold outside. Have a nice warm hooded towel ready to wrap baby in as soon as they come out the bath. They will probably cry to begin with, but they soon get used to it and it becomes a fun part of the day. You can blow bubbles, sing and wait for their smiles to beam back at you

* Have a nappy handy to pop back on asap….otherwise you’ll be back to square one!

* You only need to bath them a few times a week when they are newborns. It’s perfectly fine to bath them when their cord and clamp are still on. Once they are a few months old, and if you choose to start bringing in a chilled bedtime routine. Then a nice warm bath, massage, fresh PJ’s, story and milk can be a great way to begin.

There really isn’t anything that beats cuddles with a clean baby fresh out the bath!

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