February 2014

Me time!

Hey Peeps! Hows it all going? I hope you are all ok and managing to smile through the wet and windy weather……

Here at The Baby Journey we are all good, Hannah’s bump is growing really well (only 10 days left to go….) Apart from the hideous heartburn and niggling tightenings she’s totally rocking the pregnant thing and looks blinking gorgeous!

I’ve been doing really well, feeling very smiley and happy – I’m putting it down to my new exercise sessions. I am really enjoying my new challenge and I’m getting a lot out of it. For those of you who read our January blog, you’ll know that I am doing ‘Your Final Fitness Formula’ with the lovely Laura Milne www.laura-milne.co.uk

I was initially worried about how I was going to fit the classes in, would I be falling asleep at my desk? Would I have to sacrifice time with the little people? Would my husband forget what I look like?
Well, I needn’t have worried about any of that. Completing the classes has given me a whole new bundle of energy and my husband has commented on my energy levels (especially at 7am when I am making him tea!)

I am managing to fit in 3 classes a week, Laura offers over 13 options per week in Cheltenham, so there’s always something that works. Admittedly I was initially doubtful that I would actually get my backside out of bed and start an exercise class at 6am…… but I genuinely enjoy it. I find that I am home before 7am, the kids are still all sleepy in their little beds and don’t even know that mummy has been up and out already. The evening classes are easy to fit in around bedtime and bathtime – Husband has played a star role and has been really supportive, encouraging me lots. He has enjoyed cooking lots of new recipes that Laura has sent us, nothing crazy, just good old fashioned, heathy, tasty and nutritious food (its not a million miles from what we were eating before, just altered slightly) We have got a real taste now for using coconut oil in cooking and I now crave peppermint tea!

So when it came to stepping on the scales it was lovely to see them telling me that I weighed 9lbs less (I had thought my trousers were a bit loose) but it wasn’t really about that. I just wanted to feel that I was doing something for me……. As soon as that baby is born your world changes and you’re a Mummy. You put yourself second/third/forth every time – you have to. You have their needs at the top of your list and after a while this can feel a bit suffocating. For me, getting out at 6am might seem a bit crazy but I feel so good afterwards, it sets me up for the day.

Laura and all the ladies who do the classes are so lovely and welcoming that you can’t help but start the day smiling. Even though somedays I have been seriously aching and my family have sniggered at me as I have come down the stairs on my bum as its easier – It’s totally worth it!
I can feel my body shape changing, clothes fitting better, muscles feeling stronger and a more positive outlook. Its easy to feel a bit down in the dumps, especially at this time of year when the weather is cold dark and miserable. Bank accounts look a bit sorry for themselves and your summer holiday seems miles away….. but Ive been breezing through these last few weeks. Exercising has had a real positive effect on my mental attitude.
I could have just joined a gym – but I know I would have let myself down. Laura offers a perfect balance of encouragement (without being pushy) and support (without being too soft!) So if I’ve told her I’ll be there at Thursday’s session, then I don’t want to let her down.

So, I am not training for the Rio Olympics – but I am a healthy, busy and happy Lady which helps me to be a better Mother (I hope!)

Get in touch if you would like to know more about our services here at The Baby Journey or Laura’s wonderful Final Fitness Formula.149322_10153723113925181_1995712390_n