September 2012

Baby Surprise & the Mummy Midwife

On Thursday a beautiful baby boy was born. Not that unusual really, given that about half a million babies are born in the world every day. But this little one was rather unusual. He was the first baby ever born to a British soldier on the front line, as his mummy Lynette was a soldier fighting in Afghanistan, and he was born in Camp Bastion. And she had no idea she was pregnant.

Lynette is a remarkably fit, strong and healthy woman – who passed numerous health and fitness checks in order to serve in the army, she’s also an elite sportswoman and was serving in the Royal Artillery – no mean feat for anybody, let alone when you’re 34 weeks pregnant. After suffering from severe stomach pains and going to get checked over by the army medic, Lynette’s son was born in a field hospital – and once mummy & baby were fit they were flown home and both are said to be doing well. Apparently Lynette is delighted (although I suspect rather shocked) as she adjusts to her new role as a mother.

Initially it might seem a bit bonkers that you could be pregnant and not know – people might think that the wriggly baby and significant increase in your waistline, not to mention the vomiting, super-smell, exhaustion, backache and constant peeing would give it away……. but it is not always the case.

Many midwives will have met ladies who didn’t know that they were expecting, and find out after seeing their doctor about some other complaint. It’s a bit of a shocker for them. Especially given that they may have continued to have monthly bleeds, always used contraception, and not noticed a significant weight gain.

But once the shock has evaporated, and the idea that there is a baby on it’s way and that you are a mother has sunk in it is still a joyful and remarkable time.

Hopefully Lynette is feeling well and enjoying time with her son, and that he’s healthy and thriving and bringing joy and happiness to all his new family. Even though they never knew it was coming!


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Mummy Midwife and the Aeroplane

So, probably most of you have already been on holiday this year, but as my little one has not yet reached the dizzy heights of school age I don’t have to abide by the school holidays schedule. I am very excited to be getting ready to zoom away to sunny climates for a little break with my scrumptious little family.

However, I have just realised that my little one has not flown yet and I’m not entirely sure what he’s going to make of a few hours on a plane. He’s too big to have milk and snuggle and sleep, but too little to sit and amuse himself with books and films. He wants to scamp about and poke his chubby little fingers into places that he shouldn’t, like plug sockets and DVD players. I’m not sure that he will enjoy his first aeroplane experience. And I’m quite sure that passengers near us won’t enjoy it either (sorry fellow fliers). And will he be okay with heat? My last holiday was my honeymoon, and life was a little different then (not to mention the ordnance survey road map that is now etched on my stomach). Will he like the food there, will he sleep alright? What if gets sick? What if he cries all the time? What if we forget his favourite teddy or lose it?!

Suddenly holiday panic has set in! This time not only do I have to think about me and whether I have enough things to wear, enough sun tan lotion and enough trashy novels (I’m finally coming for you 50 shades), but I also have to think about this teeny little person who apparently needs far more stuff than I ever have!

Having said all that I still cannot wait – not only do I get to spend time out catching up and canoodling with my gorgeous husband, and have dinner made for me every evening without the need to plan, shop, cook or wash up, but I also get uninterrupted blissful time with my favourite little person. I get to see his little face as he tries new foods, as he feels sand squish between his toes, as he splashes in the pool and tries to wiggle away from sun cream. I get to play with him whenever he wants without thinking about the next task to be done or the next place to get to – the next task will just be whether to have a drink or an ice cream, whether to read a story book or play in the water.

I cannot wait!


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The Mummy Midwives and 2.4 children

Firstly peeps – our apologies for the delay since our last blog, it has been a busy old few weeks for The Baby Journey team, it feels sometimes that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, anyone else feel like that? Anyway, on with the show I hear you cry…..

So, this week we held another New Baby Workshop at The Queens hotel and it was, in the words of Miranda’s mother, Such Fun! I mean, what’s not to love, gorgeous babies, hot coffee and delicious little cakes – heaven! We even stole a few cuddles (from the babies not their parents, although that would have been nice too!) and thus lies the problem…. it has played havoc with my ovaries! I feel a bit sad at the thought of never experiencing another pregnancy & baby, just thinking about all that excitement at a positive pregnancy test, those first flutters of life in your tummy followed by the big kicks that Daddy can feel too, holding that tiny wrinkly newborn baby and then falling in love with someone new again…..

For those of you who don’t know, I already have 2 little ones of my very own, aged 5 years and 14 months, a boy and a girl. The big question that pops up quite a lot between my husband and I is…. Do we have another one?
I am sure that I am not alone in thinking this…. for some of you out there it might be do we have one at all? or maybe a forth? or a fifth! Crazy people!

It feels like I am in a constant battle with my older self… weird I know, but please let me explain. I have always imagined my life as a older lady, happy and content with everything I have and most importantly, a big family full of my children as adults with their respective partners. Always popping in for coffee and gathering for big family meals and celebrations, I suppose I had always seen it being similar to the situation my parents and in-laws experience. But then I go and have a battle with my younger self coming up with counter arguments like….. ‘the house isn’t big enough’ ‘they cost so much money’ ‘pregnancy makes you really sick’ ‘your pelvic floor can’t take another one’ ‘what if it’s triplets!’

According to the latest research on the BBC (therefore it must be true, they made Blue Peter after all) the average UK couple now only have 1.7 children compared to the typical 2.4 children in the 1960’s. The main reasons for this are thought to be the spiralling costs of childcare, working mothers and women having their first babies later in their lives. So it would seem there are plenty of reasons why we should just stick with the 2 little munchkins, I just wish some one would tell my ovaries this……

HELP! I will keep you all posted ……….

If you have any advice for me then please do just me know and if you have a baby 6 months and under then why not come to one of our New Baby Workshops! They are held at the rather fabulous Queens hotel in Cheltenham on the last Friday of every month. We cover mums health and fitness, baby massage and baby first aid all for just £25. Go on, contact us hello@thebabyjourney to find out more and make us smile!