Whooping cough vaccinations


Pregnant ladies are being advised to be vaccinated against whooping cough due to a significant rise in cases. By vaccinating pregnant women the hope is to protect vulnerable newborn babies from catching whooping cough before their programme of immunisation begins at 8 weeks.

In brief, the advice is that you are vaccinated between 28 and 38 weeks (ideally 2 weeks before baby arrives, so you can have it closer to your due date, but earlier is better to allow time for antibodies to develop). A programme of specialist funding has been rolled out by the Department of Health to GPs to buy the vaccines and arrange to vaccinate pregnant ladies, so your GP surgery is the place to go! The information that midwives have been given says that it is the same vaccine as the pre-school booster, so they should know what it is and have it in stock, they just may be a bit unsure as to their practice’s plan and ordering.
Your baby will still need their routine vaccinations once they are here, this vaccine is intended to protect them between birth and once that programme of immunisation begins at 8 weeks, as there has been a significant increase in whooping cough cases recently.
Please have a look at the Department of Health’s leaflets in this link:
And here is a link to the NHS Choices information if you want to know more:
We hope that clears up any worries or questions you have…… all you need to do now is ring your surgery to make an appointment.
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