The Mummy Midwives and Parkfit!

So, this week I decided to try out ‘Parkfit’ in a bid to keep my never ending quest to lose weight going. So I dug out my sports bra (flipping heck they are difficult to get on – or is this just me?) laced up my trainers and put Oscar in the buggy  and off I went. I went with my lovely neighbour and her little baby boy, we both agreed to do it together! Parkfit in Cheltenham is held at Pitville park and run by Kirsty and her team, it happens on a Monday lunch time (1pm til 2pm)

Following a brisk walk to the park we arrived at the entrance to the pump rooms and started chatting to the other park fit mums, everyone was lovely and made us both feel really welcome. We were soon straight into it as we start jogging round the park, Oscar starts immediately laughing at me, probably due to my Darth Vader breathing technique and cherry red face, but I carry on. There was every level of ability there at the session, mum’s who had been doing parkfit for months and were running with ease, all the way to those who were doing it for the first time and everything in between. Everybody seemed to be really enjoying it, the babies in large either looked confused as to what we were all doing or were laughing (that might have just been Oscar!) The main thing is that we are all doing it together and that is motivation in itself to keep going. Kirsty showed us lots of different exercises during the class, some using the buggy and in some she put us in little teams, the variety made it really interesting.

Today has made me realise 2 things, 1) how lovely other mums are and 2) I seriously could do with improving my fitness level! Everyone was really  lovely and Kirsty was a great instructor. She helped out with watching the babies or rocking the prams and she was really encouraging and supportive whether we were running or doing circuits. I really enjoyed it and I will definitely be back next week for more!

It can be really hard when your body has changed so much over the course of pregnancy and birth, often the last thing on your mind is exercising when you are so busy getting to grips with being a mum. But you also want to fit back into that pre pregnancy wardrobe, maybe tone up a little and look amazing in that new dress the you have just brought! Whatever the reason, the benefits are huge. Just doing an hour out in the sunshine today, watching Oscar smiling away at me has put a real spring in my step!

I am not however looking forward to the ache that tomorrow will bring…. what’s the saying…. no pain no gain?

So go on girls, dust off your trainers and give park fit a go! You can contact Kirsty for more info by looking at her website: