The Mummy Midwives and 2.4 children

Firstly peeps – our apologies for the delay since our last blog, it has been a busy old few weeks for The Baby Journey team, it feels sometimes that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, anyone else feel like that? Anyway, on with the show I hear you cry…..

So, this week we held another New Baby Workshop at The Queens hotel and it was, in the words of Miranda’s mother, Such Fun! I mean, what’s not to love, gorgeous babies, hot coffee and delicious little cakes – heaven! We even stole a few cuddles (from the babies not their parents, although that would have been nice too!) and thus lies the problem…. it has played havoc with my ovaries! I feel a bit sad at the thought of never experiencing another pregnancy & baby, just thinking about all that excitement at a positive pregnancy test, those first flutters of life in your tummy followed by the big kicks that Daddy can feel too, holding that tiny wrinkly newborn baby and then falling in love with someone new again…..

For those of you who don’t know, I already have 2 little ones of my very own, aged 5 years and 14 months, a boy and a girl. The big question that pops up quite a lot between my husband and I is…. Do we have another one?
I am sure that I am not alone in thinking this…. for some of you out there it might be do we have one at all? or maybe a forth? or a fifth! Crazy people!

It feels like I am in a constant battle with my older self… weird I know, but please let me explain. I have always imagined my life as a older lady, happy and content with everything I have and most importantly, a big family full of my children as adults with their respective partners. Always popping in for coffee and gathering for big family meals and celebrations, I suppose I had always seen it being similar to the situation my parents and in-laws experience. But then I go and have a battle with my younger self coming up with counter arguments like….. ‘the house isn’t big enough’ ‘they cost so much money’ ‘pregnancy makes you really sick’ ‘your pelvic floor can’t take another one’ ‘what if it’s triplets!’

According to the latest research on the BBC (therefore it must be true, they made Blue Peter after all) the average UK couple now only have 1.7 children compared to the typical 2.4 children in the 1960’s. The main reasons for this are thought to be the spiralling costs of childcare, working mothers and women having their first babies later in their lives. So it would seem there are plenty of reasons why we should just stick with the 2 little munchkins, I just wish some one would tell my ovaries this……

HELP! I will keep you all posted ……….

If you have any advice for me then please do just me know and if you have a baby 6 months and under then why not come to one of our New Baby Workshops! They are held at the rather fabulous Queens hotel in Cheltenham on the last Friday of every month. We cover mums health and fitness, baby massage and baby first aid all for just £25. Go on, contact us hello@thebabyjourney to find out more and make us smile!