The Mummy Midwife & ‘me time’

Hello lovely blog readers, firstly a big apology from us both for the time since our last blog. We have been super busy planning free events, new course bookings & of course our roles as Midwives/Mothers/Wives! Which leads me on to our topic for this blog ‘Me Time’

Let me start with a question if I may, how many of you lovely mothers out there allocate regular time to yourself? Mmmmmmmm, not many I expect.

A recent poll has suggested that 90% of mothers said that ‘me time’ was very important to them however 70% said they do not factor it in to their lives because they feel that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. So why don’t we put it at the top of our list? My theory is that we feel too guilty to prioritise ourselves. We shuffle our own needs to the bottom of the family pile, instead we make sure that the children are happy, the babies are fed, the clothes are washed, dried, ironed (or at least hung up!) the house is tidied, there’s food in the fridge and freezer, the emails are sent, the bills are paid, the men folk in our lives get some attention(!) the wider family get invited around for gatherings, the pets are fed and watered…. the list goes on. And then, right at the end, there’s us. Mother dearest.

When was the last time you finished a book without falling asleep, went to the cinema to see a film that wasn’t a PG, has a massage or spent the day at a spa? Can you remember that far back? I expect it was an anniversary or birthday treat (& they only happen twice a year) not just because you could.

I think that we are really bad as seeing that we should reward and look after ourselves a bit more, there are plenty of advantages to doing it. Our children get a happier, more relaxed mummy, as does our partner. We will feel refreshed, less stressed and able to see the bigger picture all the time. This has definitely got to be good for everyone in the household.

So this week, I took some of my own advice and took the day (yes, the whole day) to myself and I really enjoyed it. With it being half term, my daughter was supposed to be at home, but my husband suggested that she go to the holiday club at school for one of the days (she was desperate to go & see her friends too!) so with the toddler at nursery, there it was, a day to myself. So I booked myself in to have my hair cut & blow dried, had lunch with my mum and then spent the afternoon in a champagne nail salon having a manicure & pedicure, followed by a drink with a friend and then picking my little darlings up. A part of me felt guilty all day but a bigger part of me just kept smiling all day long! And I have to say that even though it was only 1 day I felt better. I had an uninterrupted chat with my lovely mum, in a restaurant without highchairs or kids menus, I think she really enjoyed seeing me without the kids too, although she would never say! Following my treatments in the salon, my nails have never looked better, each time I look at them I feel better, its the small things…. On that note I can highly recommend Earls & Co in regent street, Cheltenham. They really looked after me and its fantastic value for a very unique experience. Yes the house was in need of a tidy when I got back and I quickly did an online shop before bed, but these are all things that were sorted and went unnoticed by the rest of the household. The positives certainly out way the negatives.

So, ladies who are pregnant reading this or just had their new arrival, please make sure that you prioritise a bit of ‘me time’ even it’s just a bath or a drink with an old friend. Its a starting point. Any ladies who have older children, when was the last time you took time out? If its been a while then why not schedule something in soon, go on, put yourself first for once.

Get in touch if you can recommend the perfect way to spend some’ me time’ we would love to hear from you, as always.