Sunny days at the lido

Yesterday my darling husband, little one & I spent the day at the lido basking in the gorgeous sunshine. I think the rest of Cheltenham was there too, so we might have bumped into each other.

We had a picnic, ice creams, dipped in and out of the (pretty freezing) water, and had an all round lovely day.

And while we were there I couldn’t help but sit back behind my sunnies and have a good old people watch. And with about 2000 sun crazed Brits to marvel at it was great people watching!

I have to admit, I felt a little bit self-conscious in my swim suit. I’d spent a few agonising moments wondering which one to put on….. did I feel brave enough for a cute patterned bikini from my last (pre-baby) holiday? Erm no. Insecurities about my mummy body surfaced and the safe black cossie won out. And even then I spent a lot of time pulling it up or down or fiddling with it to try and cover up, and wishing my complexion was less Twilight-esque.

There were a lot of gorgeous bodies to compare myself to as well. If anybody was looking for a bevy of taut tanned trendy young things yesterday, then they were at the lido. (Just sounded like my mum then!) They did a lot of loud laughing, muscle flexing, hair flicking and side ways glances at each other, while carefully pretending they weren’t interested at all.

But after a while of wishing I was thinner, blonder, browner, taller, younger, bustier and cooler I realised for every specimen of physical perfection there was at least 10 examples of normal pale wobbly bobblyness, pulling at their swim suits and looking a bit shy too.

And they looked like they were having way more fun……. Running about with their kids, giggling with their other halves, taking photos, eating chips and ice creams and relishing the amazing sunshine.

According to the jolly old met office we’ve only got a few more days of this, then it’s time for brollies and jackets again. So I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend full of fun in the sun, and that for you pregnant ladies out there it’s not been too hot and your ankles aren’t too swollen (put them up, ankles higher than your hips, it’ll help).

Next time I’m at the lido I’ll waste less time feeling self conscious, and get straight down to the serious business of having a giggle with my little family and enjoying the bonkers British weather.


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