Summer sun and swollen ankles

images-7Us British have a talent for talking about the weather, and it is never more worthy of comment than now.

We are in the midst of a heatwave. Really. It wasn’t that long ago that I still had the heating on now and again (trying to dry ten loads of baby washing is impossible in rubbish weather). And now here we are, hotter than honeymoons and set to continue.

I have noticed that everyone feels like they have to enjoy it, and appreciate it, revel in it even. We must not say that we are too hot – that would be very ungrateful and the weather fairies might punish us by making it rain until next July. But I think maybe, just maybe, we are not all enjoying it all of the time. Work is suffocating (dear old blighty is not set up with air-con ready for this weather), we are full to the brim with barbeque food, the shops keep running out of ice cream, and going to sleep is very sticky. I giggled when someone said she’d laid on her lawn starkers at 1am just to try and cool down. So, today I give you permission to have a little moan, you can say it: “I’m too hot”.

Poor pregnant ladies, who have an inbuilt hot water bottle, are not set for this tropical weather. Faces are rosy, ankles are swollen to tremendous proportions, skin is tight and stiff, every step is a big effort and the fainty queasy tiredness just seems worse. So ladies, you don’t have to be strong and stoical today – you can have a little moan. Sit inside in the cool and the dark, put your feet up on a big mountain of puffy pillows to help those ankles, whack the fan on, drink gallons of lovely iced water, get your refreshing facial spritz out your hospital bag, send your fella down the shop to get you a big ice lolly and relax. Today is all about you, and whatever you want. Today The Baby Journey declares it is “Too Hot to be Pregnant Day”, and so you should be spoiled and pampered!

And don’t worry girls, before we know it the rain will be back!

x x x