Secrets of a Midwife Mummy (Second time around)

Jules and Oscar

The toddler was rapidly growing into a proper little girl and I had started to show some very noticeable symptoms of broodiness.

I was glazing over looking at baby clothes in shop windows, recalling stories of when my daughter was born and feeling emotional at the sight of a pregnant tummy, which as a working midwife was a hazardous occurrence.

“Right!” I barked at my wonderfully understanding husband, “it’s time for another one.” I think he thought all his Christmases had come at once.

I was pregnant within a few months, and I waited every day to feel as sick as I had done the first time around. I was pleasantly relieved to feel rather, umm normal?!

It became rather apparent however, that your second pregnancy shows earlier than the first, I felt that I looked very pregnant straight away, and this made hiding it from people quite tricky.

I really enjoyed being pregnant, my little girl would cuddle up and kiss the bump that she had decided was going to be her ‘boy sister’.

I had expected the pregnancy to be very similar to the first, but it wasn’t, it was better. I felt more energetic, I looked after myself and I didn’t put on as much weight, thank goodness Huffkins the bakery wasn’t open then!

When it came to the birth I had opted to have my baby in the midwifery unit at Cheltenham. My philosophy was get in there, push it out, get home and get on with being a mother to two. Luckily, my very punctual son decided to arrive at lunchtime on his due date, he doesn’t get his time keeping from me.

I had always wanted to have a waterbirth, having witnessed so many calm and wonderful births in the pool, so experiencing my waterbirth was really special. With some choice language and my husband cheering me on, our little baby boy was born. My midwife was truly amazing, encouraging and supportive, and instinctively knowing what I needed. I recovered well after his birth, and found it much easier second time round. I knew what to expect, how I wanted things to be and I was stronger in my decision making. We hit the ground running with number two, I think you have to, as you have another child that needs you to be just as you always have been, you are already a mummy.

So, what’s it like with two? Well it’s twice the washing, cooking, noise and stress levels at times, but it’s also twice the cuddles, kisses and precious little moments when your eyes mist over, watching the two most beautiful little faces you’ve ever seen.

I live by the mantra… ‘Life doesn’t throw anything at you that you can’t cope with’, and while it is hard being a parent, emotionally harder I think, it’s so rewarding and no matter what decisions you make for your children, as long as you have their best interests at heart, you can’t go wrong.


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