Mummy Midwife & the First Year

So here at The Baby Journey HQ we are celebrating a very special week. This week our little poster boys – the bundles of joy that started The Baby Journey magic turn one.

It’s hard to believe – people told me to enjoy it as time flies by, but I didn’t really pay attention. And now my little one is celebrating his very first birthday.

Amidst working out celebrations and making birthday cake plans I have been reminiscing about the last year. Looking through his memory book, photo albums, height chart, and thinking back to this time last year when he hadn’t even appeared in our lives. We talked to my bump, giggled when he kicked, imagined his little face and who he might look like. We bought new furniture and a pram, and relished practising with the pram in the hallway and working out what we might need in the pristine new changing bag.

I can’t believe how little he was, the photos amaze me, and hearing my friends talk about their first few weeks with their new babies I can suddenly remember those early days……. wondering what to do when he cried and we’d tried everything, being confused over who’s advice to take on feeding problems (thank you to my wonderful sister who helped me through those first few feeds and knew what it was like), being stunned at how so much poo could come from someone so tiny and get all the way to their shoulder blades, feeling exhausted, disorientated, euphoric. It was a wonderful and challenging time.

My first day going out on my own with the shiny new pram was a turning point. My other half had gone back to work and I was a new mum alone facing the perils of kerbs and inclines. Horror of horror it rained and I had to navigate my way around a rain cover – a task which required advanced mummy skills in itself (I ended up sheltering in a shop and waiting it out after a miserable attempt to get the flipping thing on) but I managed, and my little dot with the big eyes looked up at me and I knew we’d be okay.

Once I was out and about and had worked out the baby-friendy spots in town I wanted to get back in touch with the world. I wanted to learn what to do with my new baby to help him learn and grow and sleep and to keep me in touch with the rest of the human race, as well as give me a target to get myself dressed, him dressed and fed, (and redressed and fed again) and then out the house. I also realised that I was searching for the holy grail of other mothers’ knowledge as it had helped me before.

Luckily I stumbled across something which I fell in love with – baby massage.

Every week I went along (with my amazing friend Jules who somehow managed to complete a school run into the bargain!) and we would lie the boys next to each other on towels, naked as can be, and learn massage techniques which they loved. It was a wonderful intimate time very week, and my little one loved it. He would look up at me and I would marvel at this tiny perfect little baby before me – and feel very proud of him and brimming over with love. After the session all the babies would nod off in their prams, relaxed and soothed, and us Mummies would get chance for a coffee and chat – it was fab.

As time went by all the babies grew (as they do) and were soon rolling over to grab something, craning their necks to see who else was there and what was going on. They were less peaceful and more inquisitive, and wanted to be more active – the magical days of peaceful baby massage were dwindling, and it was time to get busy!

I will continue to enjoy daydreaming about my little boy’s first few weeks this week, as he scampers about mischievously and I get ready for the arrival of family to celebrate his first big milestone. I hope that you are enjoying imagining the arrival of your little one, or are confidently navigating your way through their early few weeks, or looking back at when your not so little ones were little with fondness.

Mummy massaging baby feet


The Baby Journey offers new baby workshops at The Queen’s Hotel, Cheltenham on the last Friday of every month.

These include a full session of baby massage taught by a qualified instructor, family first aid, and new mums fitness….. as well as a chance for coffee and chat with other new mums and The Baby Journey team in lovely surroundings.

The next one is on Friday 29th June from 10.30am til 1pm, and costs £25. Book your place through our website, e-mail us, or give us a ring. 

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