Maternity services where you are

This week The Baby Journey Mummy Midwives are pondering how you rate maternity care where you are.


You may have heard that The Royal College of Midwives is working hard on a petition calling on Parliament for 5000 more midwives in England in a bid to protect maternity services and give women & babies the good midwifery care they need.

If you’d like to sign it (and please do) then follow this link:


Meanwhile The Daily Mail this week reports on a study conducted by Bounty which suggests that 1:4 women report that they did not have a midwife with them when they needed one during birth, in London this figure was even higher, while in other areas it was less.


How did you feel? Or what have you seen or heard when friends and family have had babies?


Here at The Baby Journey HQ we know that we are very lucky, because we are midwives we had inside knowledge while we were pregnant and were surrounded by midwives and obstetricians at work. During the birth of my little one I felt very well supported by my fabulous midwives (it took two staff shifts for him to put in an appearance!). By the time he had arrived and it was time to move to the ward the delivery suite was very busy and I knew that all the team were rushing around looking after ladies, and handling urgent situations.


As midwives we know how quickly things change in the maternity unit – one minute it’s all calm and serene – the next minute it’s rushing about to deal with the unexpected. For all those of you out there who’ve seen One Born Every Minute (we all love it!) it’s plain to see that things can shift rapidly on the Delivery Suite.


What are your views? Did you feel like your midwife was there for you when you needed her? Or did you feel that you were alone when you needed someone most?


Midwives want to be there for women when they are needed in pregnancy and birth, that’s why we do what we do; but when there’s a lot going on we do have to spread ourselves thinly, and sadly are not always able to give the level of care we wish we could.


Let us know what your thoughts are.


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