So many questions…

There is no such thing as a silly question. Over the years we have collated many frequently asked questions; please see if there is an answer to your question below. If not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

When should I start my antenatal classes?

We recommend starting the classes between 28-34 weeks. Depending upon your due date, you might have the choice of 2 courses. Which one you choose will be entirely up to you. You might find that one course suits you better in terms of work, holidays, travel etc.

How many couples will be in my group?

We have 3 or 4 groups all running on the same night, in separate rooms, taught by the same midwife every week. Usually each group has 7-9 couples in it.

How do you decide who will be in my group?

We take time deciding who will be in what group – using the information that you have given us to help. We aim to put you in a group with people who have similar due dates, postcodes, common similarities (IVF, twins etc…) If there is someone on the course who you already know, then please just get in touch if you would like to be in the same group together… or not!

What do I need to bring?

Nothing! We will provide all written materials, free parking and refreshments. If the menfolk wish to have a beer from the bar service, they’ll need to bring some cash.

What time do the classes run?

They are held from 7pm-9pm with time for breaks and chat.

What happens if we can’t make a course?

Unfortunately we can’t refund you if you miss or cannot make a session. However we will let you have the handouts that you missed and do our best to answer any questions you have. We can arrange for couples to come to a subsequent session a little early so that they can have some 1:1 time with their midwife/teacher.

What’s the difference between Baby Journey and NCT?

All Baby Journey courses are led by qualified, experienced, practising midwives – who also happen to be mummies themselves. Although NCT instructors have had some training to teach their classes, they are not midwives. We base our courses on our experiences of different types of birth, from water births through to caesarean section. It’s a very practical, non judgemental approach to antenatal classes. We also cover breast and bottle feeding.

Should I bring my birthing partner? He’s not too keen…….

We make a MASSIVE effort to make sure expectant fathers are made to feel not only welcome, but important too. The course is tailored to include them, offering top tips on how they can help not just at the birth, but in the early weeks at home, We also offer a table service from the bar, so they can have a pint if it helps!

I want to meet other expectant parents, will The Baby Journey help with that?

We will certainly try! During the course there will be some group games and activities to help you to get to know one another. We will also arrange two get-togethers for your group once the course has finished, they are in pubs on evenings and weekends. We also encourage a Facebook group, and a WhatsApp group for everyone to keep in touch. Historically we have found that this really works.