Family holiday time!

Good Morning Peeps!

It has been weeks since my last blog…… and confession for that fact!

I have recently just got back from an amazing holiday to Thailand with my little family – and although my tan is fading fast and I fear the arrival of my credit card bill, I thought it would be the ideal subject to blog about!

The holiday was months in the planning – it kind of has to be when you have 2 small children tagging along. Gone are the days of just packing your passport and 7 bikinis before flouncing off to the airport. I had been shopping for weeks, reading internet blogs about travelling with kids, checking the travel insurance policy, emailing hotels about travel cots, contacting the airline, buying sun tan lotion factor 50+, asking for time off school, buying an extensive first aid kit (which I used lots!) and then frantically worrying about what I would look like in a bikini and going on a crazy diet!

Having survived a 13 hour flight, with my only faux par being that I accidentally pulled off the mans sock, who was sat in the seat behind me thinking it was a blanket….. these airlines should really make their blankets and flight socks different colours! Then made it through immigration with the toddler constantly saying ‘ello’ to the rather mean looking immigration looking officer, into a taxi (with no seat belts or real idea of a high way code!) and and finally to a gorgeous hotel with smiley helpful staff and gorgeous decor. All of it sudden it all seemed worth it when I had the sun on my face and a cocktail in my hand!

My holiday highlights include watching my little girl learn to swim without armbands, she was practically a mermaid by the end of the 2 weeks. Watching my husband throw the kids around in the pool and form pyramids with them – reminding me off my family holidays with my dad doing the same when I was a child. Seeing them try new and exciting foods, some more successfully than others. Taking them to see one of Thailand’s most amazing & breath taking temples, the reclining Budda – and hearing my daughter say (quite loud) “Hasn’t he got a massive bum” – not sure the DSCF0101monks appreciated that one…..

In the weeks that led up to the holiday, a lot of people looked at me like I was crazy when I told them where we were going and that the children were coming with us – someone even said that I was a very radical and modern mother! – me? really? But Thailand is the perfect place to take children (& babies!) The Thai people absolutely adored our kids, to the point that they were asking to have their photos taken with them! They are gentle, kind and helpful people who really made our holiday special. The weather was hot and sunny most of the time and the food is colourful, fresh and varied – perfect! I even experienced their excellent health care system when I ended up in hospital following a suspected spider bite on my leg (sounds worse than it was) The hospital was brilliant, the staff were really efficient and there was no wait to be seen at all.

I think travelling with children can be a bit daunting, but if you are organised and ready for anything that might come your way, then there is a whole big wide world out there to be explored, and if not then we have had some great holidays at centre parcs too!

A BIG special Thank you to my wonderful business partner & best friend Hannah for caring for our business so well whilst I was away – I was a bit concerned that she wouldn’t need me when I got back, it turns out she missed me so that’s a relief! It was even better to come home to the news that we have been shortlisted in the Gloucestershire Women in business awards 2013 in the category of New Business! We are absolutely thrilled & delighted – fingers crossed we win! We will keep you all posted as the ceremony is March 21st 2013.

We have lots of events in our Baby Journey pipeline too, including coffee mornings, new baby workshops, antenatal classes, Neals Yards evenings & a Mums night out with wine instead of coffee – exciting times! If you are interested in any of them then just get in touch with us by sending an email to – as always, we love to hear from you.

Have a great Monday – Jules xx