April 2014

The 1st Winter

Loving the first flush of spring after a long winter of baby illnesses? Welcome to our latest guest writer’s blog! Thank you Frankie for sharing your story and all the fun of poorly baby-ness that comes in the first few months. We hope that the springtime banishes the bugs and we’re in for a lovely healthy snot-free few months ahead!! Take it away Frankie……



In the last 3 months it seems that snot is the new buzz word in our house. How can somebody so small produce such a large quantity of ickyness.
The cold sneaks up on you so quickly there is no time to prepare. One sneeze and bam you’re off on a journey of sleepless nights, sore noses and coughs that sound like they are coming from a 20 a day smoker.

8 months ago I did not think I would be sucking snot from my babies nose – with an aspirator I hasten to add, not my mouth; although that would probably be easier..
The older she gets the more she seems to dislike it, I can’t wait for the day she understands the words “blow you’re nose”

The cold seems to linger for weeks and just when it seems to be retreating and you’re giving yourself a big high five, you hear a new sound, what is it? A wheeze! Up to the doctors you go, they say all these scary words like nebuliser, inhaler, asthma, antibiotics. “How can this be” you ask yourself, she’s just a baby. She seems to cope far better then I do, but I’m not the one getting the yummy banana medicine, maybe they should prescribe a bottle for the parents too. She seems amused by the mask on the inhaler, spending the whole time licking it. The steroid tablets aren’t a lot of fun , Trying to mix them with as little amount of water as possible so you can fit it in a syringe, it’s not easy I can tell you. You spend 10 minutes trying to dissolve them and get the water into the syringe, just for her to then dribble and spit it all back out within 30 seconds. (Grits teeth)
A week or so of meds and puffing away on inhalers and daily nebulisers and she’s on the mend.
Or is she?


Let me introduce you to RotaVirus. You thought poo was bad? Ha diarrhea is a whole new level, and this then leads to a raw little bleeding baboons bum. Changing nappies every 30 minutes, even through the night.. We get prescribed more antibiotics and cream that you put on so thick it looks like you’re icing a cake. Bring back the cold you think to yourself. (am i the only one that loved when one nappy started been enough for one whole night sleep?!?)
After 10 days things return to normal. Warning – when re introducing solids, be prepared for more poo then ever, as can cause irritation to the already sore gut, bleurgh!

Suffice to say my little bear has been through the illnesses, yet still she manages to smile and giggle her way through most days.
Were on 1st name terms with the doctor, Isla always has a beaming smile waiting for them, I’m sure by the end of the winter I’ll have a platinum loyalty card, if there were such a thing..

As I write this I’ve just received a bite to the boob (ouch) by the 2 new teeth that are trying to disturb the blissful non illness peace we have been enjoying for the past few weeks. To be continued.


Thank you lovely lady – we can totally sympathise with the *joys* of poorly little ones. If you’d like to find out more about first aid for infants (or baby massage or new mum’s fitness) why not book on to one of our new baby workshops? www.thebabyjourney.co.uk/booking

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